Get The Most Protection With Scheduled Maintenance From Your Local Roofing Company

Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance, depending on your policy, you may need to meet certain obligations before you can file a claim. Specifically, when it comes to your roof, you may have to have periodic maintenance checks to confirm that a significant problem is not developing. Sometimes something that has started as a small problem can amount to a big job if not caught early enough. That is why it is important to develop a routine inspection checklist for a professional roofing company to go over and keep your insurance policy intact.

What’s more, if you make an annual inspection of your roof, you may save more than your insurance policy. Your roof covers approximately 60% to 70% of the exterior of a home. There are many aspects to consider than protection over your head. A leak in the roofing system can obviously cause a lot of damage to the inside of a home, but have you considered the prices you are paying in energy when there is not enough insulation?

A significant amount of energy can be wasted in the home if the roof is not adequately insulated or ventilated. Also, by not having enough insulation or ventilation means that your roof is not as protected against the sun’s harmful rays in the summer and cold weather conditions in the winter. A significant amount of warping, curling, cracking of the shingles can occur without the proper systems in place under the shingles. When this happens you also risk increasing the moisture in the home which again, increases the energy costs in order to keep a moderate temperature in the home.

Check with local roofers in your area to determine if they have policies or contracts in place in which your roof will be inspected on a routine basis. Most maintenance calls are performed on a yearly basis but this could change depending on where you live and the typical weather conditions you face. This way, you don’t have to worry about scheduling and your insurance policy does not lapse. As long as you have done what is required with maintenance and upkeep, any roof damage should be covered.